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CNET How To - Automate Android tasks with Tasker Get started with Tasker, an Android app that lets you automate settings, apps, and more.

CNET Top 5: Android music player apps

You already said goodbye to iPhone; now it's the iPod's turn. Original video:

CNET How To - Use IFTTT to automate your Android The new IFTTT Android app makes your phone work for you, automating common tasks.

End near for Chrome OS? Android apps coming to Chromebooks (CNET Update)

Watch more episodes of CNET Update: Some of Google's Chromebooks can download more than 1 million Android apps, making the ...

CNET Update - How Cortana can be useful on iPhone and Android

Read the CNET Update article - Microsoft's voice assistant loses some powers outside Windows, but you can still get perks from installing ...

Android apps might hit Chromebooks (CNET Radar)

Watch more from CNET Radar - Comcast is buying Shrek, Nintendo announces its next console and everything else you need to know ...

Google Duo makes video calling a whole lot easier

Read the CNET review: No FaceTime? No problem. With Google's Duo app, video calling between Android phones, and from Android ...

Here's how Google will tempt smartwatch fans with Android Wear 2.0

Google has upgraded Android Wear for smartwatches with the ability to handwrite and type messages, fitness tracking that launches as soon as you start ...

CNET On Cars - Top 5: Benefits of Apple CarPlay and Google Android

Click here for the On Cars blog post - Brian Cooley offers up the top five technologies we need Apple and Google to fix.

CNET Update - Virtual reality gets a jolt with YouTube app, free Google Cardboard

Read the CNET Update article - Get ready for VR to be a hot topic as more than 1 million New York Times subscribers get Google ...

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